Kingsway Online Terms & Conditions


“you” means you the customer or student
“our” or “us” means us the service provider Kingsway Online
“teacher lesson” means any live meeting between you and us
“programme” means any series of live teacher lessons

Privacy Policy

We do not store credit card details
Our checkout page is securely hosted by Barclaycard who handle all our credit card payments
We do not share customer details with any third parties
Your privacy is our primary concern

Our Contact Details

Kingsway Online is owned and run by Sue and Rick Johns. If you need to contact us you can call us on +44 1905 619877, email us on or write or call in to see us at our offices : Kingsway Online, 40 Foregate Street, Worcester WR1 1EE, UK

Refund / Cancellation Policy

  1. All invoices must be paid in full before your teacher lessons begin
  2. You can cancel your programme and receive a full refund at any time until your first teacher lesson is booked between you and us
  3. Once your first teacher lesson is booked then there is a binding contract between you and us and your programme is deemed to have started
  4. Teacher lessons may not be transferred from one person to another because they are specifically designed for each person
  5. All teacher lessons are open-ended (they do not expire) so you can take them at any time after they have been paid for in full
  6. If you cancel part way through your programme, or fail to complete your programme for your own reasons we do not refund any money to you

Online Session Arrangements

  1. We will carry out a “Sound Check” session between you and our IT department before your teacher lessons begin to ensure that satisfactory communication is established. We will give advice to help you set this up but cannot be responsible for any technical difficulties due to your own computer equipment or internet connection
  2. Teacher lessons include 45 minutes of live teacher time plus a reasonable amount of off-line teacher time for preparation and feedback
  3. Your teacher is assigned by our Director of Studies (DoS) and can only be changed by our DoS
  4. We will make every effort to keep you with the same teacher throughout your programme however we reserve the right to assign you to a different teacher in the case of illness or other unavailability
  5. The first teacher lesson is arranged between you and our DoS at a mutually convenient time
  6. Subsequent teacher lessons are arranged between you and your assigned teacher at mutually convenient times
  7. If your teacher is not available for any reason at the mutually agreed time we will offer you either another teacher to take your teacher lesson or the opportunity to reschedule with your regular teacher (your choice)
  8. Due to the fact that our teachers are UK based native English speaker teachers we may ask you to be flexible in your teacher lesson times particularly if you live in time zones > UTC +/- 6 hours. We will always do our best to accommodate different time zones at times convenient to you through shift work as far as possible
  9. If you choose to be connected by web conferencing or other VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol – e.g. Skype) then this is free of charge
  10. If you choose to be contacted by regular telephone then you will be responsible for making the calls to your teacher via the telephone number at the agreed time
  11. If you are not available at all to take part in a teacher lesson when contacted by your teacher at a pre-arranged time that particular teacher lesson will be deemed to have been used. However you may still continue with your subsequent teacher lessons as normal
  12. If you are late by up to 15 minutes in connecting for a teacher lesson we will attempt to continue with that teacher lesson if possible subject to your teacher being available
  13. If you are more than 15 minutes late then that particular teacher lesson will be deemed to have been used. However you may still continue with your subsequent teacher lessons as normal
  14. If you need to change or cancel a particular teacher lesson this must be done no less that 4 hours in advance
  15. Any teacher lesson cancelled with less than 4 hours notice will be deemed to have been used. However you may still continue with subsequent teacher lessons as normal

If you have any questions regarding our Terms & Conditions please let us know